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I Want My Country....<3
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This is a COMMUNITY for people who LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC! Join, talk, and meet other people who enjoy country music as much as you do! :) Hope you enjoy.


* I dont really have any rules for this communtity yet! I think it gets kinda boring reading about ALL the rules a community may have..:)
* I just want people to have fun...please be respectful to everyone thats all I really ask of everyone. I hope this communtiy grows with AWESOME people from everywhere that think country ROCKS! Because....IT DOES ;)
*Feel free to talk about subjects you want to know..and if you ever need me just E-MAIL me or AIM me. I'll be glad to take any suggestions.
*Im SO glad that is community has grown so much since I've taken a break from livejouranl. Im BACK and I have a new jouranl now as you can see. My rules HAVENT changed. I would like to have a sister community with icons. I'll be updating soon. Thanks, lots of love.

*Thanks ..Your Maintainer-Larissa :)
My Journal is at la_riss2007 ^ Its Right Above ;)